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    to save the Animals

    All our afforts can bring back the life


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Water Conservation

Solar Energy

RECENT Project

Dhruvansh NGO supports all causes releated to Environment

Dhruvansh Mission

Is to create a low cost sustainable model to develop lakes at least till size 80 acres and covert sewage water into fresh water using Nature RE-energization Model plus making lakes self-reliance and job providers.to develop lakeS as a knowledge hub for school students, Research project for college students and recreational place for Biodiversity.






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I and my partners launched Dhruvansh in November 2014 in order to bring forth a new vision among communities for environment.My organization is trying to inculcate “My Earth, My Responsibility” among students and ensuring importance of Biodiversity among people with various awareness programs.

Madhulika Choudhary

CEO of Dhruvansh

Dhruvansh Campaigns

Dhruvansh Campaigns help create a greener, more sustainable future.

Latest News

Environment News Bulletin brings you a selection of latest news from Hyderabad and all over India.

Oceans will have more plastic than fish by 2050

Dr V Kripa said every year there is a sharp increase in the quantum of plastic waste getting into the ocean and if the situation continued like this plastic debris will outnumber marine creatures, especially fish species.
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Sponge iron units causing pollution to save power bills

HYDERABAD: Sponge iron manufacturing industries in the city surroundings are causing massive pollution by dumping black and reddish dusty layers of coal ash and iron dust on nearby localities and farms.Telangana’s Pollution Control Board (PCB) has found...
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